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Storefronts ES-8000

The ES-8000 is an impact resistant storefront system. This product is pre-assembled with screw spline construction and pre-glazed ready to install. The ES-8000 is compatible with the ES-9000 impact door.


System Description

Frame depth: 5”.

Sightline frame: 13/4” + 1” recessed fin.

Designed for 9/16” laminated glass.

Maximum size: 48” x 120”.

Minimum curving radius for architectural shapes: 20”.

Large missile impact.

Design load: +130/-130 psf.

Water infiltration: 19.5 psf.

U-value: 0.78.


Pre-assembled and pre-glazed.

Anodized, painted or wood grain finishes available

.Architectural shapes available.

Surface applied ogee or flat muntins.

Integral door adaptor.

Screw cover.

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