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Sliding Door ES-BF5010T Sliding Door ES-SGD2020 Swing Door ES-9000

Sliding Door ES-BF5010T

The ES-BF5010T bifold door allows you to join two spaces effortlessly. The system provides a completely clear opening with a maximum of 120” in height.

System Description

  • Multiple panel size: 42” width x 120” height
  • Maximum 16 panels center meet
  • Frame depth: 5”
  • Threshold height: 2 1/2”
  • Designed for insulating laminated glass and laminated glass
  • 2” threshold for maximum water infiltration protection
  • Tested water infiltration: 15 psf.
  • Tested design load: +95/-95 psf.
  • U-value: 0.77 on clear insulating laminated SB 70
  • SHGC: 0.17 on clear insulating laminated SB 70


  • Thermally broken frames
  • ADA sill option
  • BF5010T hinges and pull mechanism come in stainless steel

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